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Hall Spars and Rigging New Zealand is building the spars and providing the rigging for the SL33.

The company specializes in making spars by using a male-moulding, autoclave-curing method.

In combination with the Hall moulding technique, Hall's autoclave produces seamless, virtually void-free tubes.The process results in spars that are lighter, stronger and better.


The New Zealand operation began production of seamless, autoclave-cured carbon spars in July 2008. The autoclave measures 42 meters.

Hall Spars & Rigging assembles standing and running rigging packages for the company’s mast

Projects as well as for a wide range of customers worldwide. The rigging shop has complete rod heading and cable swaging capabilities, as well as the ability to retrofit using composite fibers.


Hall Spar’s New Zealand factory boasts 30 employees including in-house engineers. Hall Spars & Rigging assembles standing and running rigging packages for Hall’s mast projects as well as for a wide range of customers worldwide.  David Ridley, senior executive of Hall Spars’ New Zealand operation, is overseeing the SL33 project.






The list of North’s technical achievements is unrivaled: North was the first sailmaker to scientifically test stretch and fatigue in sailcloth; the first to analyze sail shapes using computer flow codes; first with computer-driven cloth cutting; the first to use laminated sailcloth including its patented Gatorback™ construction; first with warp-oriented cloth styles in tri-radial panel layouts, first to develop accurate computer air flow simulation for downwind sails at 100% scale, and the first (and only) to build sails on a full size adjustable convex mold. This North-patented process is called 3DL and it is the world’s dominant performance sailmaking technology.


North is very active in multihull classes such as the F18, Trophée Clairefontaine, D35, Extreme 40 and G-class (maxi-multihulls). 


The SL33’s sails design and North Sails Germany and North Sails France will do production. Eckhard Kaller, the general manager of North Sails Germany, is overseeing the project.





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