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  Hakes Marine, Wellington, New Zealand

"The design and construction techniques offer the best solutions in reducing flexing, increasing stiffness, reducing windage and weight, and making for easy assembly. We are doing everything to ensure these are the worlds’ fastest 33’ sailing boats.” – Paul Hakes


Hakes Marine specialises in composite racing yacht construction using high temperature prepreg laminates.  It has state of the art facilities including monitored curing ovens, CNC Router, wet out machines, vacuum pumps, a custom metal working division, and all the paint pumps, scaffolds, and boat moving equipment you would expect a modern boat building factory to have on hand.


Hakes Marine’s experienced staff has worked on some of the world’s greatest yachting projects, from Wally Boats to Americas Cup Yachts. As a member of New Zealand MIA, quality is guaranteed.


Once the SL33’s carbon female molds were completed in November, Hakes Marine started production of this ultra lightweight high technology racing catamaran.

She will be constructed from carbon prepreg and honeycomb cores, cured at high temperatures in Hakes Marine’s new 80' telescopic oven. All molds including the wave piercing hulls have been created from Hakes’ 6m CNC router ensuring complete dimensional accuracy. The

level of detailed design and weight saving

solutions will be very high ensuring this is one of the fastest and lightest boats on the water for its length.


Founder, Paul Hakes
His experience includes working for Roger Land building the Young 88 and 11s, the Elliott 5.9m and  7.4m.  At Cookson, Hakes worked on One and Two Tonners and the first new generation Americas Cup Class Yacht (IACCY) and  many appendage changes for New Zealand’s America’s Cup challenge in

SanDiego. He also worked on the first Whitbread 60’s, IACCY Tag Heuer, Mumm 36’s and Cookson 12’s, and then a multitutde of IMS40s &50s.  He worked very closely with Morrelli & Melvin during the building of the late Steve Fossett’s record setting catamaran, PlayStation.

After working on other America’s Cup and high-profile projects, Hakes established his own company in Wellington.  Hakes has produced championship winning hulls and appendages for America’s Cup, offshore and one-design keelboat racing and his company now has a proud track record of building Grand Prix racing yachts for the TP52 circuit, and some very notable IRC and Open 60 Offshore Racing Yachts.




Nautik GmbH, owned by Andreas Labek, is known for building and tuningracing sailing boats.

The company knows lake sailing and is especially sensitive to what makes foils work in light wind, which is often the prevailing condition during the summer on Europe’s lakes. The company is building the daggerboards, rudders, steering system and custom fittings for the SL33.

The SL33’s curved daggerboards are designed for peak performance across all wind ranges giving the crew opportunity to push hard even in heavy winds and seas.  


The company’s first one-design keelboat, the Streamline, is a lightweight and narrow open cockpit keelboat. The Streamline has claimed many international racing titles and is renown for its high quality. 85 Streamline boats have been built.










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