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Morrelli & Melvin Design and Engineering, Inc. – Huntington Beach, CA, USA


“It’s the right concept at the right time. This boat will be great for lakes, bay and coastal day racing. It’s going to be a mini rocket ship!” – Gino Morrelli


Morrelli & Melvin Design and Engineering, Inc. is known for its world-class beach cats, yachts and commercial vessels.  Morrelli & Melvin consulted to BMW Oracle Racing Team during its America’s Cup winning Deed of Gift challenge in a 90-foot trimaran.  Morrellii & Melvin is known for introducing wave-piercing hulls to A-Class Catamarans, F-18’s, F-20’s and performance cruising catamarans.

Gino Morrelli has been entrenched in race-boat construction efforts since the early 80's,
designing and managing the construction of a French 60' ocean racing catamarans,
multiple Formula 40's, the 1988 Stars & Stripes America's Cup catamaran, Bol D'or racers,
Little America's Cup C-Class cats and many racing beach catamarans.
Morrelli raced extensively on Stars and Stripes '88 with Dennis Connor and
Steve Fossett's Morrell & Melvin-designed PlayStation, setting Atlantic WR, 24 hour, Round Britain/Ireland records, and many more.
Pete Melvin has been a champion sailboat racer since his youth and has won over 25 National
Championships in a wide variety of dinghies, keelboats, and multihulls. He has won three
World Championships, including the 1997 and 2005 A-Class Catamaran World Championships.
He was the US Tornado skipper at the 1988 Olympics. Melvin set speed records as a crew aboard
the Morrelli & Melvin designed PlayStation. He has been a crew member on five WSSRC sanctioned
World Records. Small or large, catamaran or trimaran, he is at home making them perform to their VPP's.
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