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Morrelli & Melvin Design and Engineering, Inc., the leading multihull designers and contributors to the AC72 Rule for the 34th America’s Cup, designed the platforms with the same attention to detail and speed as they have placed in their numerous world championship winning and world record setting catamarans and trimarans.




  • The SL33 is just less than10 meters long. 
  • It’s 4,76 meters wide and weighs 650 kilograms. 
  • The rig is fully demountable in two pieces
  • The hulls and beams are constructed of Epoxy carbon fiber prepregs and NOMEX honeycomb cores.
  • Its curved carbon fiber daggerboards and dagger rudders are designed for peak performance across all wind ranges.
  • Curved airfoiled beams reduce drag and fit into hull with special sleeves.
  • Fold up carbon fiber racks make the SL33 easy to park.
  • Easy to transport and assemble
  • The SL33 is adaptable to your own requirements

Specifications (ocean):                      Specifications (lake version):

LWL                        10,00 m                LWL                        10,00 m

LOA                         11,50 m                LOA                        13,50 m
BOC                         4,76 m                 BOC                          4,76 m

BOA                          8,20 m                BOA                           8,20 m

Draft                         2,20 m                 Draft                          2,20 m

Weight                      650 kg                Weight                        670 kg

ocean rig:                                          light wind  rig:



jib                                  27 sqm            jib                                 37 sqm

code zero                      52 sqm           code zero                      75 sqm

gennaker                       90 sqm           gennaker                      130 sqm

main                              64 sqm           main                              72 sqm
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